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Press Announcements

San Francisco, CA--April 30, 2007 Silverstone Solutions, Inc. announced today that its new software, Silverstone Matchmaker, was used by California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC – San Francisco, CA) to help match recipients and donors in a three-way kidney transplant between CPMC and The Johns Hopkins Hospital (Baltimore, MD). MORE...

San Francisco, CA February 14, 2007 Silverstone Solutions, Inc. – Silverstone Solutions, an innovator in life science computing, today announced Silverstone Matchmaker, a software solution that provides doctors and clinicians with the tools necessary to rapidly and accurately match living organ donors with patients who are in need of a kidney transplant. MORE...

Press Coverage

Kidney swaps between strangers offer new life
New matching software aims to shorten agonizing wait

Mark Crosse / The Fresno Bee
By Barbara Anderson / The Fresno Bee 05/17/07 04:58:01
Gretchen Freedman needed a kidney. Trips three times a week for dialysis were getting harder to take physically and emotionally. The sessions to filter toxins from her blood sapped her strength, gave her headaches, made her dizzy and sick to her stomach. But the wait to get a donated kidney from a deceased person could be as long as five years. Freedman's sons, Ryan and Jarod Ramirez, didn't know how much longer their mother could tolerate dialysis. Each volunteered to donate a kidney. After blood screenings and tests, Ryan Ramirez, 29, gave up a kidney -- but not to his mother. Instead, on Feb. 14, Ramirez's healthy organ went to a man he'd never met, and his mother received a kidney from the stranger's daughter. It's an example of a new transplant option known as a "kidney swap" or paired kidney donation. MORE...

Bay Area Couples Donate In High-Tech Organ Swap

(CBS 5/KCBS) SAN FRANCISCO Six kidney transplant patients were in good condition on Tuesday following the nation’s first three-pair, bi-coastal kidney swap performed by California Pacific Medical Center.The matches were made possible by using a new software system that is able to connect people willing to donate a kidney with those who need one. In this case, three couples, two from the Bay Area and one from Baltimore, were matched to provide three kidneys to three unrelated donors. MORE...

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Fresno Family Takes Part in Revolutionary Program to Match Donors and Recipients
05/01/2007 - The wait for a kidney transplant for a patient and their loved ones can be excruciating. More than 70,000 people across the country are on a transplant list and many won't live to have the operation. Family time is precious to Gretchen Freedman and her son, Ryan Ramirez. It was almost taken away when Gretchen's Lupus, an auto-immune disease, shut down her kidneys. Like many others with kidney failure, she underwent dialysis, a therapy which removes the body's waste products. It can take a painful physical and emotional toll. MORE...

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Software Facilitates Paired Organ Donations
San Francisco, CA March 7, 2007 - KGO - More than 70,000 people nationwide are on the transplant list for a kidney. Many have relatives willing to donate, but they're simply not a match. A San Francisco entrepreneur has come up with a way to match those patients and donors with others to create a swap. On Valentine's Day, Ryan Ramirez donated a kidney. His mother Gretchen was desperately in need of a transplant, but his kidney actually went to a man he never met, and his mom received one from that man's daughter. It's what's called a paired donation. MORE...

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Valentine’s Day Marks First Paired Kidney Donor Transplant With Matchmaker Software
New Program Reduces Transplant Waiting List and Saves Lives
San Francisco, CA February 14, 2007 – On Valentine’s Day, two couples will undergo a paired kidney donation transplant at California Pacific Medical Center, thanks to a new computer program called Matchmaker. By helping to identify compatible donor-recipient pairs, the Matchmaker software enables two individuals to receive kidney transplants, thereby removing their names from the national waiting list for a transplant. Currently, there are about 75,000 individuals nationally waiting for a kidney, according to the United Network for Organ Sharing. MORE...

Bay Area hospital performs its first transplant from computer match on Valentine’s Day.
San Francisco, CA February 14, 2007 - David Jacobs knows the devastation of polycystic kidney disease. He lost his father and his younger brother to PKD. Dave and his sister both underwent transplant surgery to survive. Now David raises his own children and his brother’s son, knowing all four boys have a 50% chance of having inherited the disease. MORE...

Related News

American Society of Transplant Surgeons (ASTS) Helps Lead Efforts to Pass Paired Donation Legislation
WASHINGTON, D.C. - March 7, 2007 - Intensive ASTS advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill have helped lead to passage of bipartisan paired donation legislation. Wednesday, the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill to amend the National Organ Transplant Act (NOTA) to provide that criminal penalties do not apply to paired donations of human kidneys and to further amend Section 301 of NOTA to include a clear, concise definition of paired donation. Please visit the ASTS website to view the full bill. Press Release PDF

February 1, 2007
Floor Statement on Living Kidney Organ Donation
Carl Levin
United States Senator

Contact: Press Office Phone: 202.228.3685
Mr. President, I am pleased today to be joined by Senators Bond, Dorgan, Graham, Durbin, Mikulski, Pryor, and Cardin in introducing legislation that will save lives by increasing the number of kidneys available for transplantation through a process called paired organ donation. MORE...

January 30, 2007
Norwood/Inslee Introduce Paired Kidney Donation Bill in House

CONTACT: JOHN STONE PHONE (202) 225-4101 FAX (202) 226-0776
(Washington, DC) - Patients waiting for a life-saving kidney transplant could have that wait significantly shortened, thanks to bipartisan transplant reform legislation introduced today in the U.S. House of Representatives by Congressmen Charlie Norwood, DDS (R-GA) and Jay Inslee (D-WA). U.S. Senators Carl Levin (D-MI) and Kit Bond (R-MO) introduced matching legislation in the Senate. The Living Kidney Organ Donation Clarification Act insures that federal laws intended to prevent the sale of organs by living donors do not inadvertently prohibit “paired” donations. MORE...

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